Back To School Gifts

Hi Eighteen 25 readers! It’s Megan from Short Stop Designs and I’m here to share with you some printables to help your little ones get excited to go Back To School. This is perfect for any teacher to give out to their students, or for mom’s to sneak a little surprise in your child’s back pack to remind them that it’s going to be another great year!

Here's To A Colorful School Year | Back To School Gifts

They’re unbelievably easy to put together and you can find all of this stuff at the Dollar Store! Another thing that’s great about this printable is that you can use a whole bunch of different materials. You can use fun pencils like the ones in the pictures, colored pencils, crayons, gel pens, colored pens, sharpies, etc. There are many possibilities with this project. continue reading

Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars

Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars | I love this recipe!!
It’s Leesh and Lu, here.  We love snickerdoodles, but we don’t always love rolling those perfect little balls in cinnamon and sugar for some reason.  We also don’t always love hanging out around the oven until the last pan is finished baking.  But this recipe changes everything–snickerdoodles from start to finish in 30 minutes! And you don’t even have to get cinnamon and sugar all over your hands!

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